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Must Watched Tourist Places In Darjeeling

Darjeeling is also known as the queen of hill station. When it comes about Darjeeling, we naturally start thinking about Himalaya, Tea Production and Toy Train etc. This blog is going to cite some interesting facts about Darjeeling. If you are going to visit Darjeeling then you must go through this blog.

Must Watched Tourist Places In Darjeeling: -Here, we are exploring some of the best places which you must watched when visit Darjeeling. Whether you are going for short vacation or long, don’t forget to visit these places.

Dhirdham Temple :-

Wish to get ooze with spirituality then don’t miss Dhirdham Temple. It’s one of the beautiful and prominent Hindu religion temple. It locates just above the Toy Train Railway Station. Dhirdham Temple attract a number of tourists since it’s one of the oldest temple locates in Darjeeling.

Darjeeling Zoo To Make You Closer to the Wildlife: –

Whodoes not like to go for Zoo and see different kind of species? The amazing Darjeeling Zoo serve you the opportunity to make you close to the wild life.  The Zoo locations in the same premised of HMI, so you can see HMI too. In the Zoo, you can see Snow Leopards, Tibetan Wolf, Red Pandas and so more.

Rock Garden & Ganga Maya Park blessed with incredible natural beauty: –

it will leave you fascinate. Rock Garden belongs to terraced garden having amusing waterfalls. It has great seating arrangement. These two parks are blessed with beautiful stream, flower garden and fountains.

St Andrew Church:-

It was built in 183 and emerged as a prominent place for the devotees of Christian religion. It got damaged by an earthquake. If you wish to see it closely, don’t forget to visit this church.

Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda are right to find out peace: –

Japanese Temple situates in the Jalapahar hill and it has been built in a traditional Japanese style. If you believe in this culture, you can go for praying and make your inner soul peaceful. Manypeople come to chant spiritual Mantras. Peace Pagoda locates near to it and it’s known as a holy place where a large avatar of Lord Buddha.

Things to do in Darjeeling:-

You must not miss to see the sun rise from Khangchendzonga. Apart from it, you can give a great treat to your eyes by making a stroll to Tea Garden. Would not like to see how the workers do work in tea garden. You can visit factory locates Happy Valley Tea Estate. And how can you go to miss the ride of Toy Train. If you loves Chinese food, then must try momos filled with delicious vegetable and chicken. And don’t forget to buy tea while leaving Darjeeling to take taste of Darjeeling to your home.

So, you are ready visit this lovely place? If yes!!! Then, hurry up and enjoy strolling in tea garden. Toy Train will revive the memory of your childhood. It will be a best place to rejuvenate yourself.

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