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Meghalaya: A tourist’s paradise

Human has always craved for discovering new things and later making everyone aware of it. This love of exploring has given a meaning to the term, travel and tourism. Earlier, every country was busy in its own lifestyle but in today’s date people have taken interest in exploring other countries and their culture. India has always been a source of attraction for tourists and it is all because of its magnificent history. India is home to many cultures and everyone is living in harmony which is a hard to see thing. Apart from this India has many tourist destinations and one of them is Meghalaya.

What a tourist wants?

A beautiful place which appeals his eyes and a place where he or she can come more close to the nature. Tourism is not only a break from the hectic schedule but it also helps people of two different countries to know about each other. Because of rumours we generally make perception but without actually visiting that place you cannot really say anything and it is all because every person has different experience. Meghalaya is a must to visit state if you are going for a tour of India. I said so because Meghalaya is not only known beauty in India but it has its own record in world level which makes it a worth visiting state.

If you are in India then do visit Meghalaya

Meghalaya is known as the ‘land of clouds’ and the meaning of the word Meghalaya in Sanskrit is same. This name is the most appropriate one because Meghalaya is the land of hills and plateaus that seem to touch the clouds and that is why it has been referred by this name. When it comes to tourism then Meghalaya is a tourist’s paradise and is home to some of the most pristine forests in India. With its many national parks, deep valleys, arching waterfalls, and charming villages, it is a great getaway destination indeed.

The second wettest place on earth i.e. Cherrapunjee is in Meghalaya which attracts many tourists. Apart from Cherrapunjee the cave of Mawsynram which is in Meghalaya is also a popular tourist destination across India as well as the entire world. It is famous for the gigantic formation of a stalagmite, which resembles the shape of a ‘Shivalinga’. In Meghalaya you will also find longest Span Cantilever Bridge in India i.e. The Jadukata Bridge. Apart from these there are many more places that makes Meghalaya more beautiful and adds up to its name i.e. land of clouds.

Meghalaya is a place where you can find peace of mind and you will find yourself more close to the nature. This is the best tourist spot if you are looking for something that can slow down the speed of your highly-busy and rushing life and in actual vacations means distance from your daily life. A healthy vacation can activate and energize you to take up things calmly and this patience can only come froma quality-break.

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