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When it’s talked about the beautifulcities of Rajasthan, then Alwar come as a prominenttourist place. If you are making plan to visit this city then you must go to visit. Do worry if you don’t have a pretty much idea about this city, this lovely destination is being described here to add more information to you.

Do you know the history of Alwar :-

Alwar is formerly known as Ulwar and holds lovely history itself. This beautiful which oozed with greatculture was founded by Kachh Family. It was ruled by Rajput. Alwar has witnessed by different era like Mughal, Rajput, British, Nikhumbha and Maratha. Alwar’s soil is great witnessed of the Maharabharta when a battle was fought among Kaurava and Pandava.

Major tourist attraction in city:- Let’s have a look what you must visit if going to visit this city

  • Kalakand Market:- this market is known as one of the best delicious sweet of Kalakan Markt is not only famous for this sweet but for having huge market too. You will not love its taste but will love you take it for your friends too. This place is visited by a number of people special to take this sweet dish since this taste cannot be find anywhere else.
  • Jai Pol :- if you wish to check out the what kind of history is held by Alwar, You must visit Jai Pol. It will make you indulge in glorify history of Alwar. The marvellous and stormystocky will hold your heart.
  • Krishna Temples:- All the devotees who have great faith in Krishna must visit this place. This temple is quite famous all around the world. Tourist get amazed by seeing true amalgamation of Rajasthani and Mughal architectureall across this temple.
  • Mansa Devi’s Temple: -Mansa Devi Temple is quite famous all around the world. A huge crowd is founder during Navratri celebration

Things To Do :- Here, we are going to tell you what you must do if have made plan to visit Alwar. The beautiful lake of Jai Samand Lake attracts a number of visitors towards its beauty. For the foodie people, Maharaja Restaurant is good to catch. You must go for shopping. You can go for shopping of lovely handicraft, Jewellery, Terracotta Statues, bangles, footwear etc.

Best time to visit:-

The best time to reach Alwar comes between the months of September and March. Since the temperature remains cool. If you made plan in this time, it will be very good to enjoy the journey of alwar. In February, Alwar Festival is also organise, you take part in this festival.

How to reach :-

You reach here by Road, Air and Train. Alwar is well connected by the road. Many bus service is available to reach Alwar. The neared Airport is Sanganeer but the regular flight is not available. You can reach by train too.

So, make your plan as soon as possible. Since it’s a best time to visit Alwar and explore its beauty.


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