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When it comes about the prominent places of Rajasthan then the name of KOTA comes first in the mind.Apart from being a famous state of Rajasthan, Kota is famous for Sari. The sari of this place is quite famous all across the world. And it’s known as Kota Sari. And this apparel is worn by women of all ages be traditional or fashionable. Kota Saree is also known as Kota Doria and the meaning of this word is Thread. This stunning city is located on the banks of the Chambal River. Because of holding a number of plants and industries, KOTA is also widely known as the “Industrial Capital of the State”.

I would like to ask do you know where the largest fertiliser plant of Asia locates. If don’t know then we are here to tell you. The largest fertiliser plant of Asia is situated in Kota. If you have a great desire to come to know about educational hub of Rajasthan and trade between Gujrat and Delhi then you must schedule a visit to this place. Kota is also known for having a number of distinguished engineering colleges and institutes. So, if you don’t have pretty much information about this place then this blog is especially for you.

Major Attraction of KOTA, you must not SKIP:-

  • Haveli of Devtaji: -If you are going to visit this place then you have to keep in mind about Haveli of Devtaji. Missing this spot means losing a wide chunk of enjoyment. When you step into Haveli of Devtaji you will come across to a different kind of experience which will lift up a great value to your visit.
  • Kishore Sagar And Jag Mandir :- Rajasthan is not only known as the place of brave Rajputs but it’s quite popular because Kota’s Kishor Sagar and Jag Mandir. If you wish to experience the exquisite structure then you must head to Kishore Sagar and Jag Mandir.
  • Maharao Madho Singh Museum: – Though this lovely place is blessed with a number of prominent places but Maharao Madho Singh Museum emerges first in the mind. Here you will find amazing things which help to make your journey to KOTA memorable.
  • Chambal Garden: – Many of you may love to go along with lovely garden and Chambal Garden will cater this kind of requirement. So, what are you waiting for? Choose Chambal Garden to get rejuvenated. And make a stroll here means you will get recharged with a lot of positive energy. To enthral the visitors, this garden comes with a pond full of crocodiles. In order to see them, a number of tourists comes from all around the world.

If you are looking to visit Kota but getting confused how to reach there, then you can go along with Rail, Air or Road. This place is well connected with all the three. October to March is considered the best time to visit Kota. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance since the best has already started.

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