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Introduction to the beautiful and magnificent airports of the world

Just the view of an airport is enough to always make us think how amazing they are. Nothing sounds better than hearing the words “Travelling by air”. And, that certainly makes airports and flights the most interesting way of transportation. While the domestic or national airports serve flights within the country, the international airports has flights from foreign countries and cities. All around the world, in numerous countries there are number of airports. Some of them are constructed in such a way that the architecture and the ambience are simply stunning. Here, introducing you to the best three airports of the world that make travelling by plane every bit of worth the choice.


Awarded as the world’s best airport, Singapore Changi International is also one of the busiest airports in the world. It opened officially on 29th December 1981, and more than two decades later this airport is known worldwide as the best airport.  Weekly it witnesses more than 6000 flights that fly to nearly 80 countries and more than 300 cities. Fascinating and big numbers, right? Singapore Changi International airport is completely amazing and caters to every single need of its passengers which also includes movie theaters and spas. The airport hotel, Crowne Plaza is also tagged as the world’s best airport hotel. Combined with a marvelous architecture, best hotel, well-organized operations and almost every kind of food and retail stores, Singapore Change International airport has all the qualities that guarantee the attention and the title of the finest airport.


The name must not be familiar to many but Incheon Airport or Seoul-Incheon International airport is positioned as the second-best airport across the globe. The largest airport of South Korea and one of the busiest airports of the world, it started functioning in the year 2001 and caters to more than 41 million passengers yearly. Also known as the cleanliest airport, you will be surprised to find an ice skating ring inside it. In case your flight is delayed, this is one airport that will make sure that time flies. From shopping, dining to a Korean culture museum, here is everything that will keep you engaged till your next flight. Also, the beautiful indoor gardens and the golf course are sure to keep you busy.


Now this is one airport which is as beautiful as the city itself. One of the most popular airport of Germany and the entire Europe, Munich airport is equally stunning as well as a busy airport. With flights to and fro to more than 228 destinations in 66 countries, it serves to at least 38 million passengers yearly. The airport is spread out in an area of 3,900 acres and has two terminals. The magnificent infrastructure combined with retail stores and more than 50 eatery places, serves as one the best airports to the travelers.

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