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Ideal Time to Visit KanyaKumari

When it comes about the best trip of my life, I remember only KanyaKumari. If you have not visited this place yet, then you must make your plan to go. There is a lot of fun, enjoyment and excitement you can find here. Kanyakumari is one of the prominent districts of Tamilnadu. It was formerly known as Cape Comorin. Every year a number of tourists come to visit this place. It oozes with great history, art and culture. Since it attracted the British too much and that it got named Cape Comorin by them. It fetches a tourist due to have museum, religious pillars, statues, temples and churches. Whether you are going with your family or friends, this trip will become memorable for you. Here, I am going to tell you about the weather, best places, and things to do here and much more about KanyaKumari. Take a look.

Ideal Time to Visit KanyaKumari :-

You can make your plan anytime to go for Kanyakumari. I am going to explore. If you are going to visit between October to February, you will find great sunset views. And March to May is perfect for swimming and enjoying cool breezes since the temperature never cross 35 degree Celsius. June to September is ideal form enjoying rainfall, natural beauty and landscape.

How Can You Reach:-

You can reach by train, Airplane and bus. The nearest airport is Thiruvanthpuram. If you wish to visit Kanyakumari by car or bus, then don’t both services are available. You can hire car on rent to visit different places of KanyaKumari.

What you must not miss:-

There are many temples and museum to attract the visitors such as Kumari Amman Temple, Kanyakumari. Vattakottai, St. Xavier Church, Gandhi Memorial, Government Museum, Vivekananda rock memorial and Suchindram are some of them.

Various Reason to visit KanyaKumari :-

If you have a great faith in God and wish to spend some time in worshipping then you must visit this place as it’s also known as a pilgrimage and spiritual destination. Kanyakumari also belongs to Vivekananda. In 1970, Vivekananda Rock Memorial was built. At this place, Vivekananda did meditation. It comes one of the best places where one can feel close to the nature. Whether it’ is sunrise or sunset, both can be seen clearly from the same place. Kanyakumari locates on the southernmost tip of the Indian Peninsula. It holds a Shakti Peetha which associates to Parvati.

Best Places to Visit: – There is great list of the place which will make you confused what to choose for visiting or what to skip till next time. The places are Muttom Beach, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Keeriparai Reserve Forest, Thanumalayalam Temple, Government Museum, Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary, Udayagiri Fort, Kumari Amman Temple, Thengapattinam Beach, Wax Museum, Gandhi Mandapam, Devi Kumari Temple, Nagraja Temple, Our Lady of Ransom Church and so on.

This time is also good to have a trip for KanyaKumari. Make a plan and enjoy with your family or friends. Have a great journey.

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