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How India is at the in-between Phase of Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is not only important for the people to get a healthy break from their busy schedule but they are equally important for the other countries too. The more and more tourists you can have or attract them to come and visit your country, the more chances for your country to grow in the economic level. Tourism is a kind of two way process in which both the people; the one who is travelling and the place which is being travelled gets benefitted. If we specifically talk about India and the level of tourism it supports then the first thing which will come into your mind is, wow India, it is a rich place to visit. India has been successfully accomplished the task of attracting people towards it so that they will come and see what exactly India is all about. The best proof of this is the number of people that come all over the world, just to experience the taste of being in India. From culture to food, everything has contributed some in order to attract as many people as possible. India has done and is also doing great with its travel and tourism sector but what if I’ll say, India is still in in-between phase of travel and tourism?

Yeah, you must be thinking I have gone crazy, on one side I am saying India has done a great job in attracting tourists all over the world and on the other side I am saying India is still in in-between phase. Actually, both are true because although India has done a great job but it has still not achieved the number of tourists it deserve. The beauty which lies in India is immense and there is nothing which cannot be done and experienced in India but still there are many people that think twice when it comes to India. Many foreigners are not interested or I should fear to come here because of the risk of infections and dirtiness, which are the biggest reasons for India for losing most of its tourists. Everyone keeps their health at the top and then decides to look for the place where travelling will not be at the risk of his health.

There many benefits or things that attract tourists and some of them are:

  • It is one amongst the cheapest destinations: When we travel alone then money is not a big issue as we just have to manage expenses of a single person whereas if we go for family holiday we think twice and money becomes a major concern. The importance of travelling is not hidden from anyone and in most of the cases of not travelling is the money problem. India is amongst those countries which will give you the best experience and that too at very low prices or I should say it is kind of best deal for foreigners to visit India.
  • Heritage and culture: There are hardly any countries where you will find lots of people of different culture living together and that too in harmony. The heritage and architecture of India are known worldwide which are not only uniquely designed but too have an interesting history behind them which attracts more and more people towards it.
  • Rich taste of food: Food is the second thing which is seen after beauty. If you are able to get quality and tasty food then you will definitely consider that place for a visit. Similarly, the taste and the variety of food in India attract many people and they come here from far residing countries just to enjoy the taste present here.

The list does not end here, there are many other reasons that force people from all over the world to come and visit India. Benefits and the reasons are much higher than those two things that stop many people from visiting India because of which India does not get the number of tourists it deserve. But, this does not mean India is in short with tourists as thousands of tourists visit India every day which shows that India has not lost its colour and is still shining somewhere.

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