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Gear up and travel to some of the most adventurous places on earth

That adrenaline rush, blood pumped up and heart beating is what exactly defines the feel of an adventure. Most of people simply love this feeling and try to experience and explore more. Well, that is the spirit of an adventurous person and we all given the chance are definitely adventurous up to certain level. While it is tough to pen down the accurately how it feels, the die- hard adventurous people are always ready to describe their experience anytime anywhere. And the world with its amaginzly adventurous places all across provides them just the opportunity to venture into more. Below are some of the popular adventurous places on earth that never disappoints the one seeking it.


You must at least once have seen or heard about the amazing species that are found on this island. Well, Galapagos Islands give you the chance to explore many endemic species that were once the focus of Charles Darwin studies. Located in the Pacific Ocean, this place is an archipelago of volcanic islands amongst which there is a national park as well as a biological marine reserve. Surrounded by waters, the Galapagos islands has turned into an adventurous place to visit given the intriguing location and the ample scope of exploring the wilderness and the surprise that it brings at its every path.  The turtle bay, snorkeling and diving with the several tropical fishes, Sierra Negra volcano and many more interesting places in the company of nature and species never seen before will certainly define adventure in a new way.


Nothing defines adventure more than hiking and trekking. So, while you went on to many places for hiking and trekking, there is one place that will definitely beat the experiences you had till now. The Himalayan range or the great Himalayan trail that stretches nearly 4500 km is one of the famous longest and highest adventurous trails of the world. Given that two of world’s top three largest mountains exists in this Himalayan range, gear up for a total all the way exciting and adventurous hike of your life. Beware this trip is not for weak heart. Throughout the trip you will find several beautiful and unexplored destinations of Nepal, Bhutan and India. The panoramic view, cold paradise, flora and fauna and the world’s highest peaks, you sure have signed for one truly equally adventurous and stunning trip.


The experience of having an adventure in the midst of a forest is truly mind blowing. And, when it is world’s largest rainforest you sure should be ready for something entirely new and unexpected at every turn. This largest tropical forest covers most of South America which includes countries like Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and France. With an entire area of 2,123,562 square miles, you will get to witness and wilderness that is extremely stunning and intriguing along with the Amazon River flowing through it. All this ensures an ultimate adventure which will introduce you things never done before like swimming with the dolphins, hiking and water tours.

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