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Forests are the paradise for trees and animals and are best to frame…

It may sound a bit odd but forests are also one of the traveller’s destinations, everyone does not go for this but there are people who like to challenge themselves and try to live in the most dangerous ways. As it is never recommended to travel forests but still wildlife lovers and photographers finds it difficult to resist them from not trying this. So, before moving to specifying the large forests of the world let us first know what actually a forest is.

When you think of the forest you think of many trees growing together in one place and they play a key role in keeping our planet healthy but as the mankind developed forests became a liability and we forgot that forests serves as a home to millions of animals, birds, and insects. And it is shocking but there are around ten countries which are forestless. So, it is really important for everyone to know the importance of forest.

Some of the world’s forests are:

  • The Amazon Forest: The Amazon got its name from the Amazon River and it is the world’s largest tropical rainforest- a vast region that spans the borders of eight rapidly developing countries. The Amazon rainforest is the world’s greatest natural resource; the most powerful and bio-actively diverse natural phenomenon on the planet.
  • The Congo Rainforest: The world’s second largest rainforest is the Congo rainforest in Africa and it is the only place in the world where all three subspecies of gorillas can be found, which are- the mountain gorilla, lowland gorilla, and the eastern lowland gorilla. There are many animals which are only found in Congo Rainforest like Bonobos and Okapi.
  • The Indonesian rainforest: The Indonesian rainforest is one of the most important ecosystems in the world today and it contains world’s third largest area of rainforest. It saves the critically endangered Sumatran tigers which is the only surviving species of Indonesian tigers which increases the curiosity of the wildlife lovers to visit this place.
  • The Atlantic Forest: The Atlantic forest in Brazil is more ancient than the Amazon forest but it is among the most endangered rainforests in the world. The Atlantic Forest is an amazing combination of coastal, marine, forest and savannah habitats with a large number of species of mammals, birds, and amphibians.
  • The Amur Heilong forest: It is a home to one of the world’s largest cat- the Amur tiger, and the rarest- the Amur leopard. There are more species here than the almost any temperate forests in the world. This is the only place in the world where six species of cranes live on the same patch of wetland at the same time.
  • New Guinea rainforest: There are so many reasons which make this rainforest special but the most attractive reason are; here you will find kangaroos that climb trees, carnivorous mice, giant pigeons and the rats bigger than domestic cats and more orchid species than any other place on the planet.

The specialities and the varieties of species in these forests has always succeeded in attracting tourists because of which they have also become the travel destinations.

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