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Food that you would like to have while you travel

People travel due to various reasons. Some travel to see places and some to eat the delicacies of that place and satisfy their taste bud. The dishes or food of different places has different taste, aroma and flavor. They take us to a different world where we feel blessed that we have tasted that food. If you are travelling and is confused what to have, then continue reading you will know what to have within a short time.

Suppose you are in Argentina. Do you know what to have? Certainly not if you have not researched well. It is Asado. Though this food does not really represent Argentine but it mixes with the culture very much. Having Asado you will really feel that you are having the best of Argentina’s meat. They are famous for their cut which makes meat a delicacy and they use the best of that lot to make Asado.

Have you ever imagined a Kangaroo in your dish? It is difficult to think of but it is a reality in Australia. Kangaroo Lion is a delicacy there and is a must try if you are in Australia. It taste like steak but you would be glad that you had. This will be an amazing story when you return home.

If you are in China, you are more confused what to eat. Thinking of the lizards, cockroaches and insects makes it more difficult. Do not let your confusion over rule you, try Jiaozi. It is a traditional Chinese dumpling. Its stuffing can be of meat or vegetables and are deep fried served with sesame oil. You can have it with boiled egg or cabbages.  It is a cheap cuisine that let you know about Chinese tradition and culture.

Gallo Pinto is a food of Costa Rica, which you must definitely try when you are there. It is made of rice, beans, scrambled eggs and Tortilla. This food is not only vegetarian in nature but is healthy and tasty. If do not have eggs also no problem you can have it with Avacoda or fried banana.

If you are in Czech Republic you will love having this food again and again. The food is Czech Goulash and Bread Dumplings. The main ingredient is beef. Hope you do not have any problem with eating beef, you should not. You will love the way it is made and the taste will linger in your taste buds. Not to be worried about the cost it is cheap but gives you the taste of real Czech Republic.

Escargot, have you heard of it. If you have not, it is a snail cooked with garlic herb butter. If you want to have it you must be in France. If you do not eat it you will not understand that snails can taste so yummy. The food is served in the snail shell and you have to eat it from there.

So, when you travel does not only see places but also try to have their cuisine to know the place better.

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