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Fascinating Indian ruins that is worth visiting once

We all have heard and read about ancient India but a chance to actually witness how it used to be is something that should never be missed. From the ancient Harappan civilization to a world renowned university, today, the ruins of these places tell the tales of its glorious past and the advanced Indian culture and architecture of those times

  • Dholavira, Gujarat

The ancient Indus Valley civilization also known as the Harappan civilization is been not only considered amongst one of the most ancient civilizations of the most but also among the most prominent ones. There are several ancient ruins of this civilization that can found in northern India and the archaeological site at Dholavira is counted as one of the five largest significant remains of the Indus valley civilization. Archaeologists and researchers also believe that this place used to be a magnificent city in its time. Located in Gujarat, the site can be found in the Kutch district and the evidence of civilization dates back to 2650 BCE. After the excavation started in 1989, several architectural remains were recovered from this site which indicated the strong architectural and cultural sense of the people then. The ruins are spectacular with tourists visiting the site and witnessing the remains of once a grand civilization.

  • Hampi, Karnataka

For the people in residing in the south of India, Hampi is an amazingly beautiful village whose ruins portray the glory of the famous ancient South Indian dynasties and its rulers. In the past era, the kingdom of Vijaynagar was quoted to be one of the most flourishing and prosperous kingdoms in the entire India and also one of the richest and largest cities in the world. Today, the ruins at Hampi is not an only an important archaeological site but is a religious center also. The grandeur of the Vijaynagar Empire is what you must have read in books or journals, but a glimpse at Hampi and you would know that in the bygone era it was way more amazing and remarkable than you could actually think of or imagine about. Situated at the bank of river Tungabhadra, Hampi is also the site of the famous Virupaksha temple along with many other small and big religious buildings.

  • Nalanda, Bihar

A name known to many, the Nalanda was world famous for the Nalanda University that had its own glory days where it was recognized amongst the most prominent universities of the world, and people in those ancient times used to visit this place for studies. The ruins at Nalanda at Bihar now have the remains of a large Buddhist monastery along with ancient university. In the early times, the city of Nalanda flourished under the rule of the remarkable Gupta Empire and had the attention of the world then as a hub of study and research. The existence of Nalanda can be traced back to traced to the early 5th or 6th century BCE. A trip to this ancient ruin will definitely leave you in wonder and amazement in trying to paint the picture that once used to be a reality of this splendid city.

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