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Famous places to see in Bhutan

Once a very beautiful kingdom, today the small country of Bhutan in the eastern end of Himalayas is counted as one of holiest and most beautiful places for the buddhists.  A landlocked country surrounded with China, India, Nepal and Bangladesh, Bhutan’s existence can be traced back to 2000 BC but it was known to the world around 17th century.  Majority of people here follow Buddhism, Hinduism comes next. While the exact history and past of the country is unavailable due lack of records, it is now one of the major tourist attraction in South Asia. With the Bhutanese culture, tradition and ancient monasteries, people from all over the world are more than enthusiastic to get a glimpse of this country. Here, bringing out some of the best places of Bhutan.

  • Paro Valley

The Paro valley is simple breathtaking and one of the most stunning places in Bhutan. The most famous place here is the Taktsang Monastery which is one of the holiest places considered by the Buddhists and is dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava. With an amazing location of a Cliffside this temple is also known as the Tiger’s Nest. The Paro valley is also home to the beautiful fortress monastery named Rinpung Dzong which has witnessed the history of the country since the tenth century. A popular Bhutanese monastery and a major tourist attraction, it is one place where you will find a small world in the lap of nature with peace and speechless panoramic views. The town in the midst of the Paro valley with greenery and great scenic beauty all around, holds several ancient buildings and architecture. The national museum and the royal residence also attract tourists in large numbers. The only international airport of the country is here, so that basically makes Paro the first place that you will see in Bhutan.

  • Bumthang

The Bumthang district or Bumthang dzongkhag as it is known in Bhutanese is a marvellous town with four spectacular valleys of Ura, Chumey, Tang and Choekhor. Bumthang in english means a beautiful field and true to its name, the town is one of the must see places of the country. With lush green fields and farms welcoming you, this one feels like complete Bhutanese town with tradition and cultures in its air and people. In Bhutan, Bumthang holds a very important place as it has several sacred sites and many ancient temples. So be prepared to know and view the ancient history through these places. And, yes if you love apples or apple trees, you will get plenty in this part of the country.

  • Thimpu

If you think that Bhutan is the country of monasteries, valleys and sacred ancient places, then think again. Well, the modern and the largest city of Bhutan, Thimpu will change your perception.  Yes, like all other and every place of the country, Thimpu also has a mesmerizing beauty but with the modern touch.  Surrounded by mountains and valleys, it is the capital city which also is home to some amazing restaurants with authentic Bhutanese delicacies and happening night clubs. With new Bhutanese style architecture, it has many awesome places for the visitors along with wonderful sights of the Chuu River.


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