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Exploring Australia and its popular cities

The Australian continent surrounded by water is no less than a wonderland. The ‘Land of kangaroos’ as it is also known as, this beautiful place has charmed its way into the hearts of the people with its art, culture, sports and exotic locations. Today, Australia has turned a major tourist destination with million people visiting the continent every year. So, if you are planning a trip down to this awesome place, then here are three cities that is must visiting.

  • Sydney

Hearing the name Sydney, conjures up pictures of opera house surrounded by water and lit with several lights and fireworks. While this arts center have hosted the opening and closing of many important and world famous ceremonies, the city itself is a known name across the globe. One of the largest cities of the continent, Sydney is also one of the most popular cities of the world. Located at New South Wales, Sydney has the world’s largest natural harbor. For the people all around the world and tourists, this city has always been one of the dream cities. Beginning from several sun kissed beaches, restaurants, night clubs, tourist attractions to the cultural and creativity hub, Sydney plays the perfect host, leaving its visitors basking in the experiences and the time spend here. Along with the Sydney opera house, the main tourist places here are Sydney Harbor Bridge, sea life aquarium, Queen Victoria building, Shelly beach, moonlight cinema and many more.

  • Melbourne

Melbourne is another well-known Australian city, and if you are a fan of cricket then you would instantly recognize this name as the Melbourne cricket ground is the 10th largest cricket ground of the world and has been host to many memorable cricket matches. Melbourne is a very active and famous arts and cultural hub of not only Australia but also in the world. It is quoted to be the birthplace of Australian film and television industries and Australian contemporary dance. With the world’s largest urban tram network, the city also has the continent’s busiest sea port ‘Port of Melbourne’. The Eureka Skydeck is a highest viewing spot which provides the magnificent and probably the most spectacular view of the city from the top. For tourists there many amazing place to visit and things to do here. A hot air ballooning is one of the things that you can surely expect in Melbourne. Witness one of the most splendid scenic views through the Great Ocean Road. And yes, the list goes on and on.

  • Perth

Nothing beats the jaw dropping and mesmerizing view of the Perth’s skyline, something which has been also portrayed in many Australian movies.  Set on the Swan River, Perth is one of the largest Australian cities with a fascinating history. The city is an emerging educational hub with many universities and the famous University of Western Australia. The Kings Park is quoted to be one of the world’s biggest city parks and is the best place to start sightseeing which provides an outline of city skyline. The Perth beaches are extremely popular among surfers, and apart from that it offers some of the best wine tasting in the continent. Other major tourist attraction here is Swan valley, aquarium of Western Australia, adventure world, art gallery, Perth arena and Round house.

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