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Explore amazing marine life in famous destinations

The world is truly a unique place which never fails to surprise the people. While there are many spectacular places on land that has made their way to our wish list, the sea or marine life is simply a stunner that always leaves us speechless. Around the globe there are many such places where the marine life is totally captivating and exploring them presents a new challenge to tourists and scuba divers. Introducing to you some of the breathtaking underwater worlds:

  • Manta Ray, Hawaii

The exotic Hawaii has always been one of the most preferred and amazing destinations that is extremely popular among tourists from all across the world. Well, apart from the sun-kissed beaches and the Hawaiian culture, another major thing that is equally marvelous and attracts the attention of scuba divers is the stunning marine life there. The world beyond the blue surface of water is not only fascinating but it is also something that allures scuba divers toward itself. Manta Ray in the waters of Kona in Hawaii will introduce you to the spectacular world of this ocean creature which resembles a bird but up close they would render you speechless. Quoted to be discovered in 90’s the Manta Ray marine is very thrilling and unique. Tourists are now very much intrigued by it, and exploring the waters with Manta Ray is turning out to be quite a amazing under water adventure in Hawaii.

  • Havelock Island, Andaman

Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean in recent time has the attention of world tourism. The most popular thing here is the marine life that has been the subject of many major studies and main attraction to passionate scuba divers. Havelock Island in Andaman is considered to be the largest island in the Ritchie’s archipelago and is known for its eco-tourism. While the pristine and crystal waters of the beaches definitely charm the tourists, it is actually the marine world here which will leave you mesmerized and spell bounded. For the people who are not scuba divers and still feel passionate about exploring the world beyond the water surface, then the underwater sea walk in Havelock Island is just the thing. In fact it is one of the major attractions here. From spotting many astounding species of fishes and underwater creatures to the captivating coral reefs, this place is a must visit for marine life lovers.

  • The Yongala, Australia

The Australian continent has always been one of the favorite spot for marine life lovers and scuba divers. Surrounded by ocean from all four sides surely ensures some unique and exotic underwater experiences. But here the experience is combined with something really thrilling- a shipwreck. The Yongala near Queensland is the place where a ship SS Yongala sank a century ago. Today, the place attracts scuba divers and tourists not only towards witnessing the underwater marine life of manta rays, octopuses and tiger sharks but also the shipwreck amongst this beautiful marine life.



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