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Everything about the Three Travel Classes of Malaysia Airlines

One of the most preferred air service providers in Asia, Malaysia Airlines is the national carrier. With a modern fleet of over 75 aircraft, it operates flights to more than 50 destinations in Asia, Australia and Europe. To offer services to a larger number of places, it has made codeshare partnerships with Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, SriLankan Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Royal Jordanian. What makes this carrier so popular among flyers is the plethora of facilities it offers.

Before booking a ticket with an airline, it is important to know the different services it provides in various classes. Malaysia Airlines offers seats in three classes, namely Economy, Business and First. Details about the various services offered in these classes are given below.


In Economy Class, the Malaysian carrier permits travellers to carry two pieces of luggage, with a total weight of 30 kg, in the underbelly. It also offers a wide variety of meals that suit people with different tastes, dietary and medical requirements, and religious customs. The order for special meals can be placed up to 24 hours before departure. For doing so, people can contact the customer service centre of the airline. They can also do it by getting in contact with their travel agent. The Malaysian carrier also takes good care of its economy class flyers with in-flight entertainment. From the latest movies to a wide array of TV shows, a plethora of options are available.


People travelling in this class are permitted to carry two pieces of checked luggage, with a combined weight of 40 kg. The policy of the carrier also states that no single bag should weigh more than 32 kg. Business Class passengers on Malaysia Airlines flights can indulge in a personalised fine-dining experience. From a menu of 25 exquisite delicacies, they can opt for their favourite one. This menu has all kinds of dishes, from spicy Malaysian delights to light choices for the health conscious. These meals can be ordered anytime before 24 hours of departure. The in-flight entertainment system offers myriad choices like multi-player games and hit movies. Those, who like music, can pick from a library of more than 400 albums. Flyers aboard the 737-800 aircraft can enjoy the content on portable players. On the A330, the seats recline to form a 76-inch flat bed.


First Class flyers are given a checked luggage allowance of up to 50 kg. This weight can be shared by two bags, with no single item weighing more than 32 kg. People can ask for the tuck-in service to enjoy a refreshing sleep on their seat, which converts into a comfortable flat bed. They can satisfy their palate with an assortment of dishes. Besides in-flight entertainment and premium web check-in privilege, passengers with Malaysia Airlines booking for the first class can also enjoy access to exclusive lounges.

Some of these facilities are located in Kuala Lumpur, London and Melbourne. Conveniences provided here include shower facility, business centre, smoking area, Wi-Fi access and spa. These lounges provide great comfort to passengers as they can relax here before and after their flight. Corporate travellers can use the lounges to prepare for their business meeting after arrival or before departure.

The above-mentioned information can help travellers appropriately choose the class, which satisfies all their requirements.

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