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Elaine Chappelle – Most Incredible Countries in the World

Elaine Chappelle Most Favourite places

The US is a country, which is extremely diverse, people from all over the world emigrate here, and all of them have their own culturally and ethnically mixed societies. There is no single American type because every person has a distinct culture and background, and there are different religions, races, cultural practices, and political beliefs in the country. It is truly remarkable to experience such a multicultural way of living. If people have never visited the USA, they are probably interested to know why so many people each year want to visit various places in the USA.

Here are some reasons why people should start exploring this incredible country from its natural wonders to its unusual and at times surprising culture.

  • It is a melting pot: People all know that a lot of people from various backgrounds come from the USA. Many who go to the USA decide to settle down and have their own family, which makes the country residence to people from different backgrounds and cultures. Given that these people have their special backgrounds as well, there is no single form of American. To witness such a big country made up of people who have different and special ways of living is quite an incredible experience for people.
  • Unique Museums & History: That may sound like an exaggeration, but there are over 36,000 museums in the USA. American museums provide a glimpse into the fascinating past of the country, from Old West Museums to War Memorials, Regional Museums, and Top Art Galleries. Others give people insight into American history, while others discuss new developments that will significantly affect the future of America. There is a museum for all, no matter what city they visit in the USA.
  • The Hidden Gem: As a tourist, people may be tempted to visit just the top cities in America, but there is a whole other America to be explored, from the vast plains of the American Midwest to the Northwest forested region. It is worth checking out the little towns and small communities in America. Every American state has its own unique culture and way of life, and if people listen, in America they can hear several different accents. Take time to visit the villages along the Rocky Mountains or special cities such as New Orleans or Portland, and they can see for themselves.
  • The Delicious Cuisine: With so many people living in the USA from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds, there’s no question that the food is diverse. Apart from traditional American dishes, there is a wide variety of restaurants offering traditional food from other countries, often with their unique twist. For instance, Mexican cuisine in the USA may not be cooked the same way they’ll find in Mexico, but it’s still authentic and delicious. The same is true for pasta in Italy. It might not be as original as what is in Italy, but it’s still outstanding and flavourful. In most American cities, whatever people feel like eating, they’ll find it.

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