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Do Something Different This Summer – Original Destinations

This year do not stay at home. Instead discover the most original destinations to travel to this summer. There are some original destinations which can make your holidays different, beyond the destinations and most visited places. In this article, we suggest 5 places to go on vacation in summer that, surely, will surprise you.

Going on vacation to a different place in summer does not have to be expensive and there are several possibilities accessible depending on the type of experience you want, the number of people you’re traveling with and the days of stay.

  1. Budapest

The capital of Hungary, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is an interesting alternative for cultural tourism along the Danube River, visiting Buda Castle or Andrássy Avenue. In addition, there are also leisure options to enjoy the country’s rich cuisine in a restaurant and the city’s nightlife.

  1. Beirut

Visiting Beirut is an option that you can shuffle if you want to get to know the Near East better. An interesting fact about this destination is that it’s a historical crossroads of peoples and cultures, Lebanon lets you know historical archaeological remains from the Phoenician era, but also enjoy the bustle of the capital’s markets or enjoy a trendy cuisine. As the country is small, you can visit the main tourist centers from Beirut in just over an hour.

  1. La Gomera

This Canarian island has the advantage of not being a crowded destination, although it is not due to lack of scenic and cultural attractions. You can visit the Garajonay National Park and see the different ecosystems that coexist on the island, know the house where Columbus stayed before discovering America or enjoy a swim in the beaches of San Sebastian. If you want to spend some quiet days and learn more about the biodiversity of the archipelago, this is an option.

  1. Naxos

Although the islands of Greece are highly sought after by tourists for their privileged climate, Naxos is an ideal place for those seeking tranquility without giving up cultural tourism. This island of the Cyclades has archaeological interests as the gate dedicated to the god Apollo or the ancient Venetian fortress, as well as a careful environment that offers a quality service to the visitor.


This region of the north end of the province of Huesca offers diverse attractions for the visitor that looks for a familiar tourism that combines nature and culture. In summer, the ski resorts become places to enjoy the Pyrenean vegetation and hiking. You can also get to know the Romanesque religious art that abounds in the area and the Canfranc International Station, considered an Asset of Cultural Interest.


These original destinations for the summer are designed for all types of audiences. Whether you’re looking for a hustle and bustle or if you want peace of mind, you’ll have different options at your fingertips that will satisfy you. We recommend that you contact us to expand the information.

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