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Destinations if you like boating

Do you want to escape from the bustling city and have a tranquil holiday? There are various places that you can go if you wish such, having the seafood seating on a boat. The scenery, the people, the food and the boat ride will fascinate you and make the holiday a loved one.

The Golden Triangle Cruise

Imagine you floating on a cruise and discovering India. Yes, that is what this Cruise travel offers. It starts from Delhi and takes you through the entire North India up to Kolkata. It is a seven days trip through the mainland of India along the rivers. The food, ambiance, and facility will amaze you. It will be totally a different way of experiencing India.

Glass Boat Trip

The wild Andaman is our next destination. It is loved by those people who love to be amongst the wild nature surrounded by sea. While traveling in the Glass Boat you will have the rare chance of seeing the underwater Coral Reefs, the variety of aquatic life that surrounds Andaman and the marine life that roams around majestically among the Coral. You will come back with memories to share and cherish.


Chilka is not situated far from Puri. If you go to Puri you can comfortably go to Chilka and have the boat trip to the different island amongst the backwater of Bay Of Bengal. An added attraction of this boat trip is the Dolphins that go along with you. You will remember of Moby Dick and feel like a sailor who is sailing with the help of dolphins. The excellent seafood available on the island will make the trip more pleasant. Think of the yummy prawns and crab fry that you can have seating by the side of the lake.


Cochin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It is loved for its golden beaches, the cuisine and the scenic beauty. This cruise trip is an added attraction to Cochin. The food offered is mouth licking and the environment makes you feel you are in a foreign country. The price is within reach and can be afforded.


It is difficult to think about touring India but not going to Goa. The exquisite beaches, the lovely seafood and the friendly behavior of the people make Goa special to all. The Cruise Trip of Goa is full of fun and merriment. The song, dance, the food and drink, makes it special. Looking at the sunset seating on a deck chair with a drink in hand gives an amazing experience to share.

River Cruise at Dibru-Saikhowa

This is a water wildlife sanctuary of India. Imagine you on a boat sailing among the wild forest of the sanctuary and having roasted duck and freshwater fish. The scenic beauty and the tranquility make the trip more loveable.

There are many other places in India where you can enjoy your boat trip. So, without waiting for long book your ticket to those destinations.

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