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Australia- A tour down under the country

 Australia- a seemingly small continent but the world’s sixth largest country has alluring beauty and calmness. Vast stretches of ocean, clean coral reefs, marine lands and climate typical to Northern Hemisphere, people mostly reside in the coastal regions. A month long visit and a tourist can have it all-

  1. The Great barrier reef- Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO; the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system. This scintillating reef system has been hotbed of Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander groups. Lovers of marine creatures and organism can dig into many species of whales, dolphins, porpoises- some endangered ones too. Diving and snorkeling are the best entertainment activities to do for exploring marine life. Those not willing to dip have options of getting a closer look under the sea from underwater stations and glass bottom boats.
  1. Barossa Valley- Just an hour’ drive from the city of Adelaide, this region has immigrants from European countries like Germany. The valley also gives a sneak peek of European culture in food, culture and historical buildings.
  1. Sydney Harbor Bridge- If Sydney Opera House has been recorded in UNESCO heritage site list, the Sydney Harbor Bridge too has some feats under its belt. This 500 metre bridge connects the north shore with the central business districts. Standing over the bridge, visitors can get a beautiful sight of the city that no other structure can provide.
  1. Kakadu National Park- Another UNESCO heritage site, Kakadu National park is the world’s second largest park in the world. The park is home to several wildlife including reptiles of rare breed such as saltwater crocodile                                    
  1. Day tours in Melbourne – Melbourne has always attracted tourists on a tour of Australia. Day tours are the best options to take a look around the city with many specially packaged tours. The advantage of day tour is that they are well planned and one can have a selection of tours to choose from depending on the duration of their tour. Like Sydney, Melbourne too has day Tours. Some of the most visited spots in the city are the adventure filled Yalla Valley which has the famous Puffing Billy Steam Train. Forest of Dandenong ranges and the winery in the nearby valley is definitely a great for sightseeing. Make sure to carry enough refreshments throughout the tour.


In a country like Australia which has an exhaustive list of sightseeing spots, it is always difficult to pick the best one out. Australia is also a country which has a very strong culture. A sports loving nation that Australia is, it is said that seventy percent of its population takes part in various sports and recreational activities at least once in a week. Spanning over 12 million sq km territory Australia is the third largest ocean nation. Tourists can enjoy a range of sports such as surfing, scuba diving. One can also engage in amateur sports in games like Rugby, boxing and winter sports.

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