An Introduction to Vaping for Beginners

If you are a smoker, you may be curious about e-cigarettes and vaping. Someone may have already suggested that you switch your cigarettes for vaping, but you are feeling overwhelmed or lost about where you should start. Well this article will give you an introduction to vaping and why you may want to switch

Benefits of Vaping

– No Tar

– No Smoke

– No Carbon Monoxide

– No Ash

– No Bad Breath

– Cost Effective

– The option to change your nicotine level intake, which includes nicotine-free vaping

– Many flavour choices

Is Vaping Right For You?

You may have already attempted to stop smoking over the years, with the use of alternative methods. This may have included patches, gum, nicotine-replacement therapies or even cold turkey. However, many of these methods are ineffective. You may want to read up on this post on the blog one of our customers sent and the troubles they had with stopping smoking before they discovered the vaping world.

In the year 2015 the Public Health England (PHE), made a report that stated that vaping is 95% less harmful when compared to smoking, while in 2016 the Royal College of Physicians released a report that E-Cigarettes are advantageous for public health. 

What Do You Need To Get Started?

To begin your vaping journey, we suggest you start with a starter kit that we have on offer, such as the VE-Platinum Kit.

These kits include everything that you will need for vaping, excepting the E-Liquids.

How Does It Work?

The E-Liquid fills into a “tank” compartment, which is connected to a battery-device. When you activate the fire-button, the e-liquid will heat up, creating the vapour that you will inhale.

What Is Inside E-Liquids?

E-liquids that are heated will create a flavourful vapour.

As long as you always purchase the liquids from suppliers that are reputable, that guarantee that the product is of a pharmaceutical quality, the usual 4 components in an e-liquid include:

– PG (Propylene Glycol), also a common ingredient found in smoke machines, asthma inhalers and salad bags.

– VG (Vegetable Glycerin) found in various food items.

– Nicotine which is optional, which helps to satisfy cravings. The nicotine options are available in varying strengths, which gives you the opportunity to slowly reduce your nicotine intake gradually.

– Flavourings, the liquids we sell contain mixtures of artificial and natural flavourings.

The 3 e-liquid types include the following:

– High PG liquids of a minimum of 30VG:70PG. These liquids produce a lot less vapour yet carry more flavour which provides a stronger throat hit.

– High VG of a minimum of 70VG:30PG. These are the smoother liquids which produce a lot more vapour, yet do not always carry the most flavour. The High VG are ideal for producing bigger clouds.

– 50/50s, these liquids contain equal amounts of VG and PG and in some cases 10% more for either the VG or the PG.

We suggest that you try each option to decide on which works for you.

Nicotine Strengths

Nicotine levels in cigarettes measure differently to the e-liquids, which are expressed as an mg for every 100ml. An example of this is an 18mg strength is equal to 1.8% nicotine.

We suggest that when you switch from cigarettes that you go for a higher nicotine level, which will prevent nicotine cravings along with the temptations to smoke. The medium-strength smokers typically start with 16-18mg, or at least 12mg. From here, most vapours lower the nicotine levels gradually, yet this is entirely your choice on how slowly or how fast you would like to do it.

Vaping Maintenance

After the initial purchase, there will only be 2 items that will need replacing. This includes the coil and the e-liquid.

Refilling the E-Liquid

– Unscrew the base or the top of the tank (clearomiser).

– Tilt slightly.

– Refill your favourite e-liquid into the clearomiser, while avoiding the hole in the middle-chimney.

– Re-screw the base or the top, and the device is ready to go.

Replacing the Coil

– The coil requires replacing when the flavours become burnt or dull, or the vapour reduces.

– Unscrew the base on the tank.

– Unscrew the coil, followed by disposing of it.

– Replace with the new coil.

– Allow the e-liquids to soak the wick before you use the device again.

Recharging the Battery

– Connect your charger to the battery.

– Most of the batteries with the starter kits will require at least 3 hours to charge. Refer to the manual for your device for the specific instructions for charging.

– Avoid leaving the device to charge overnight or for extended periods.

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