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9 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Tbilisi, Georgia

Located in the continental area known as Eurasia is a beautiful but very underrated country for travel, which is Georgia.

Georgia has a lot to offer to tourists who want to visit the country. From different resorts in each of its climatic zones, a few UNESCO world heritage sites, and much more, you won’t ever get bored when you travel to Georgia.

This country provides such a unique travel experience that even its language is something that only people from Georgia speak. In terms of its climate, you can enjoy about 12 different climates in the country.

As someone who has traveled to this country myself, there are certain places that you must go to in Georgia. One of these places is the city of Tbilisi.

Also known as the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi has a lot to offer! That said, here are nine reasons why you should book yourself a stay in this historic city:

Rich in History

Tbilisi is a city that lies at a strategic point near the famous Silk Road. Thus, making it a target for over the years for strategic advancement.

Given this unique position that Tbilisi is in, it developed a rich historical background that would entice any history buff to experience themselves. This includes Altstadt or the Old Town, which gives you a blast from the past.

Another personal favorite in terms of historical sites would be The Chronicles of Georgia or The Memorial History of Georgia. This is a Stonehenge-like monument with impressive and skillful carvings. It is a hidden historical gem of Tbilisi, and it provides you with an excellent view of the Tbilisi Sea.

Unique Cuisine

No matter where you plan on going, one of the most important things that you should try is the local food and its accompanying rituals.

In Georgia, you’ll find that they offer foods that are an exciting fusion of both European and Asian cuisine. Meaning, you get the best of both worlds!

One such exotic fusion-like food that I recommend is the Khinkali. It is Georgia’s version of dumplings and is one of their traditional cuisines. What’s cool about this dish is that the filling differs depending on the region. It can range from lamb, pork, beef, and more.

For some people looking for vegetarian options, there is also a khinkali filled with local cheese and mushrooms that are delicious too.

Diverse Neighborhood

Another compelling reason that will make you enjoy the unique atmosphere in Tbilisi is its unique variety of neighborhoods.

Sectors of each city have several communities that give off a unique feel through its architecture alone. One of the areas in Tbilisi that are worth a visit (and is a crowd-favorite) is Abanotubani.

Abanotubani is a colorful neighborhood filled with a variety of cafes and restaurants for you to try. One thing that you should try in Abanotubani is their sulfur baths.

Meanwhile, if you want to be in a Tbilisi neighborhood that isn’t too crowded, then it’s worth to explore Lisi. You get to enjoy the beautiful Lisi Lake as you wake up and watch the sun reflect on the waters. I highly recommend that you visit this place if you want to be one with nature.

Thermal Baths

The sulfur baths or thermal baths of Tbilisi are an essential travel stop for anyone in the area.

Before going in these thermal baths, though, do note that these places aren’t a spa. They’re more like a bathhouse.

Thus, you probably won’t receive pampering from staff or anything. Nonetheless, it’s worth a try.

Cityscape Views

Since you already know how diverse the neighborhoods are in Tbilisi, it’s a worthwhile activity to walk around and admire the cityscape views. Each area provides an exciting vibe.

 If you’re a photographer looking for unique shots to take, go on a walk around the city. Tbilisi is beautiful in its minutiae, but it’s also stunning when you take panoramic shots of it.

So take a walk, and you might find exciting perspectives of the city.

Art Nouveau

People who are fans of the Art Nouveau movement would love and enjoy plenty of Tbilisi’s art nouveau buildings, such as the Kote Marjanishvili theater.

That said, you might want to include this theater in your photo walk ‒ whether or not you’re a fan of Art Nouveau.

Markets and Museums

As mentioned before, if you’re an art enthusiast, there are plenty of noteworthy museums worth visiting.

The Georgian National Museum is the way to go if you want an all-encompassing experience. Another place you should visit in Tbilisi is its markets, especially if you’re looking for different bits and bobs to bring home with you.

The Dezerter Bazaar is Tbilisi’s biggest market to buy food from locals. Meanwhile, the Dry Bridge flea market isn’t about food items and more about trinkets.

Street Art

Art lovers will feel at home in the city of Tbilisi, given all of the ways it has welcomed art in all its forms. You can visit The Museum of Fine Arts and look at their beautiful exhibitions.

Personally, street art is always a favorite of mine. Thus, I’d recommend that you go somewhere unexpected, like the underground passage in Vake Park.

Selection of Fine Wines

Wine is a big part of the Georgian culture, so it would feel like a crime if you go to Tbilisi and don’t even take a sip of their famed fine wines.

Going on a wine tasting in Wine Gallery is the way to go.

Tbilisi offers a lot for tourists, and yet it remains a hidden gem in Eurasia. If you’ve got the time, make Tbilisi your next travel destination. Prepare your carry-on and checked luggage and book your trip to see and experience the sites we’ve mentioned above soon!

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