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5 Things to Pack When Going for Safari

Your long wait is over and you finally got the chance for your Jungle Safari. We do understand that you don’t want to get your trip spoiled at any cost. So, here are 10 essentials items/things to pack while going on a Jungle Safari. You can thank us later!!

1. Passport, travel documents along with your travel insurance and eTickets

It seems obvious. But if we didn’t put this at the top of the list of what you have to pack for your safari we would be missed and if missed you know how badly it can ruin your tour.

2. Your medicines

Remember to put your prescribed drugs in your handbag (as if your check-in bag goes astray … it happens!) … And make sure that your whole safari is adequate to last for any type.

3.Binocularsand Camera

Most of us in this tech world won’t forget our cameras or cell phones and not everybody feels they need to take best compact binoculars for travel. However, Binoculars holds quite large essentiality for optimal safari viewing of wildlife (and a pair of GOOD binoculars will make a good amount of difference for your safari experience). On safari it is highly recommend that you have a good pair of binoculars. If not then try and buy a good one.

4. Glasses (sunglasses, hat, sunscreen)

Be sure to pack more than one set if you wear prescription glasses (if you lose one or get broken). For most of the time you’ll be outside, so be prepared. Pack a hat, a sunblock, long sleeves and a balm to the lips.

5. Toilets and clothes

You will not forget the clothes of course! But the choice of right clothes matters a lot … and are you speaking about your travel agent for those light aircraft flights within those weight restrictions?

Don’t panic anyway! Note, most safari camps and lodges typically provide the same-day laundry service. This means that for the day that you safari you don’t have to change clothes! The exception would be for mobile tented safaris, where providing a laundry service is always difficult because of the mobile design. You may also be able to leave a bag for the duration of the safari portion with the charter company, or person meeting you.

Casual but comfy

When on a safari, casual, comfortable clothing is suitable for the whole year. While you may choose to start an entirely new ‘wardrobe’ safari, you don’t really need to look like an extra on Out of Africa set! Safari-wear is generally casual and practical, apart from selecting reasonably neutral or ‘non-bright’ colored clothing. Make sure that you take clothing with which you feel relaxed – especially when walking / walking boats are involved.The newer fast-drying fabrics, ventilated shirts and pants that convert to shorts are all worth considering.

Key to layering

The best way to cope with day / night and cool nights fluctuating in a safari is to wear clothes in layers. You can take off yet another layer as the day warms up. Then you should bring them back on as it begins to cool towards evening. Here’s your safari pack must have:

  • Fleece, or warm vest
  • A pair of safari pants-those which zip off the knees are also very handy
  • Comfortable walking shoes and socks or boots
  • Hats
  • Bandanna or scarf of cotton, and sarong (kanga, pareo, kikoi)
  • In warmer months, perhaps a pair of open sports sandals for general daytime use
  • Swimsuit-There are several lodges and camps that have swimming pools
  • An elegantly casual dinner outfit at the smarter hotels
  • A light, compact raincoat (gorilla and chimp trekking) if you are likely to encounter rain
  • And your undergarments of course

Dull and/or neutral colors are more suitable for safari, white and/or bright colors are not practical as they tend to stand out on a walking safari – definitely not recommendable. Although the latest synthetic safari robes are fast to dry and extremely comfortable, it is advisable to wear cotton robes.

Its Safari Time!

I hope you can figure out what you need to make your safari from these guides. Contact us if you need further details or are interested in a safari adventure. We’ll be glad to help you determine the best choice for the trip.

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