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5 Items to Leave Behind When You Travel

With fees for excess baggage continuing to climb, it’s important that you not waste space in your luggage with things you don’t really need. If you’re struggling to cull your cargo, browse through this list. It contains many commonly packed items that are best left behind.

Personal Toiletries

You might have a favorite brand of soap or shampoo, but a vacation isn’t the time to get too picky. Most hotels stock their bathrooms with high-quality toiletries, so why not take advantage of these free products and leave your own toiletries at home? Leaving these items behind not only saves space but also cuts the risk of your toiletries’ leaking in your suitcase.

Bulky Tech Items

Laptops and tablets have always been travel staples, but these bulky tech items are best left behind for one simple reason. Most things your laptop or tablet can do your smartphone can do just as well without taking up as much space.

The movies and television shows you watch while traveling look great on smartphones that sport large screens, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7. What’s more, this phone has the world’s first dual-pixel smartphone camera, so it’ll take travel photos better than any tablet can. Laptops are better for typing long emails, but a smartphone is ideal for composing the short messages that most people send while on vacation. When your smartphone is connected to a reliable network with wide 4G LTE coverage such as that offered by T-Mobile, you can also use your phone to video chat, post on social media, and navigate around your destination’s unfamiliar streets at any time.

A Camera

As already noted, smartphone camera technology has evolved significantly in recent years. High-quality smartphones take images that are so vibrant and clear that even professional photographers use them. So why do you need a camera weighing you down?

Not only are cameras heavy and bulky, but they also make you a target for muggers. If your camera is so good that you think a smartphone won’t give you the images you want, then chances are that thieves will appreciate its value as well. Trust us: It’s not worth taking the risk. Save your high-end camera for taking photographs back home.

If you’re a keen shutterbug, you might be worried about the space your vacation snaps will take up on your phone. Don’t be. You can always add an SD card to your smartphone for more storage space or upload your images to the cloud.

A Different Outfit for Each Day

You might consider yourself a fashionista, but packing a different outfit for every day of your travels is a quick way to crowd your suitcase. You’re also likely to find that you won’t wear many of the pieces you brought, especially if you purchase some new outfits during your travels.

Instead, cast a critical eye on your wardrobe and pick out the most versatile pieces. Select tops and bottoms that work with one another for several unique looks. If you worry that you’ll run out of clothes, stay somewhere that has a laundry, or hand-wash some clothes in the shower as required.

“Just in Case” Items

So many travelers fall into the trap of packing items “just in case.” They have an umbrella and poncho in case it rains, a heavy coat in case it gets chilly, and swimwear in case it’s unseasonably hot. The chances that you’ll need to use these items are slim, so save the space in your suitcase and leave them at home. Researching the weather forecast before you depart should give you a decent indication of what’s in store. Should you face conditions you didn’t expect, you can always purchase those “just in case” items when you need them.

As for those items you bring just in case you feel like hiking or reef diving, be realistic about your plans. If you don’t participate in such activities during your daily life, the whim probably won’t take you while you’re vacationing. You’ll find plenty of fun things to do that don’t require specialized gear.

Lighten your load and avoid sneaky baggage charges by leaving behind the items on this list the next time you travel.

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