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12 reasons to Say Yes to Travelling

Travel is a very important part of people’s lives as it gives them the much needed break from their daily hectic lifeand transforms them fundamentally. Travelling is always fun, provided you travel with the right bunch of people and with proper arrangements. If you are looking for some alone time, then travelling alone is also a very good option. When you travel alone, you have the freedom to travel the way you want without having to adjust to other people’s schedule and choices. Travel alone or in a group but one must travel at least once a year. Here are the top 12reasons which suggests why you must travel.

Why to Travel?

Although travelling can be tiring but the benefits of travelling are numerous.

  • When you travel to different places, you get to gain a lot of knowledge about that place’s history and geography.
  • Travelling gives you the opportunity to experience new culture and tradition.
  • It also gives you the opportunity to interact with the native people of the places you visit and know about the kind of language they speak and the type of food they eat.
  • Travelling gives you a break from your fast paced life and teaches you to enjoy in the moment.
  • When you travel, you have various first-time experiences that stokes curiosity and awakens the child hidden inside you.
  • Travelling gives you the time to heal from all your pains, reduce your stress and regain the requiredenthusiasm for life.
  • The best part about travelling is that it helps you to break your habits mentally, physically as well as emotionally.
  • Travellingreleases, heavy expectations related to one right way of doing things and allows life to flow more organically.
  • Travelling allows you to leave your known living environment behind and face the fear of going into the unknown world and meeting unknown people.
  • When you travel, you develop certain new skills which you did not know you had. The satisfaction you will get on reaching to the top of a mountain, crossing a gorge or simply surviving with joy in a completely new city with unknown people will help you realise that you could do things which you never thought you could.
  • Travelling helps you know your true self and that too in a much better way.
  • Last but not the least, when you travel, you will gain a lot of different experiences and anew perspective towards life. Most importantly, you will have a lot of cool travelling stories to tell your friends and family.

You only have one life, so make best use of it. Travel as much as you can. Explore new places and visit the cities you always wanted to. However, one should not travel in order to get pictures which he or she can upload on the social networking websites. Travel because it will make you happy and a better person. So, plan your trip now, go to some place new, challenge your boundaries, fight your fears and try something adventurous and exciting.


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