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10 unique and lovely places in Europe you can visit with dearly beloved

When you are travelling with your loved one, the pleasure of travelling doubles in size. Imagine everything good about travelling, now imagine doing all of it with someone you love, isn’t it just extra? There are a number of lovely places in Europe where you can take your partner to.

Valentine’s Day is just next year. And even if it wasn’t, there is no way you should stop expressing love or doing little or big things to make you dearly beloved happy. This Valentine’s Day, when love is in the air and streets are filled with the divine smell with red or yellow roses or white lilies as may prefer, fly with your beloved and spend some quality time away with them, just from it all.

It is the perfect time when people are either finally expressing their feeling towards each other or reliving the romantic bonds they share. Many times, they travel to famous European cities like Paris or London to propose to each other or ask for their hand in marriage.

Lovely places in Europe

As a lover of literature and romance, I would love if my spouse took me to some of the lovely places in Europe. Wintertime in Europe is magical already, which love, romance, and literature take further. When these breathtakingly beautiful cities are decorated with flowers, balloons and all things beautiful, they become more special.

Whether it be London, Paris or you want to fly to Copenhagen Denmark from UK, there are a number of lovely places in Europe to see with your dearly beloved.

It’s very sweet to give someone you love chocolates, flowers and share cards on Valentine’s Day, but wouldn’t it be great to show them how much you love them by taking them to some of the lovely places in Europe on a special day? So pack your bags and plan a romantic getaway with your dearly beloved.

A romantic getaway 

A romantic getaway is all you need to give your dearly beloved the time of their lives. So, if you are planning a romantic getaway, here is a surprise for you! Some top airlines have amazing deals and discounts, offer the cheapest flights, and some even offer a buy one get one free ticket for couples!

Now you can plan candlelit dinners in a high-class restaurant, or take your partner for a romantic seaside stroll, get them over-the-top massages or simply take them to a fancy five-star hotel to relive your wedding night. Travelling for Valentine’s is probably the best way to celebrate the holiday.

We have made a list of some lovely places in Europe, which includes everything from cities to isles and mountains tops that looks incredible in February, and all around the rest of the year. There is no shortage of beautiful natural places with perfect settings to propose to her.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

One of the most romantic winter getaway, the magical Scottish city Edinburgh is filled with dreamy and lovely places in Europe. Historical buildings, the majestic Edinburgh castle, lush green highlands, and cobblestone streets make the perfect setting for old-school romance.

The best thing about visiting Edinburgh in winter is how beautifully the Princes Street Gardens and Arthur’s Seat is transformed into a winter wonderland, making them some of the perfect places to visit in one of the oldest cities of the continent.

  1. Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck is a place where you take your sporty partner for hiking and mountaineering, and then maybe you can propose to them there. The capital of the western state of Tyrol is internationally recognized for its alpine resorts, where you can stay with your spouse.

  1. Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania is one of my favourite romantic getaways because of its gothic charm. The whole region is full of mystery, fascinations and an utterly breathtakingly beautiful natural setting. This is where you will see people living in harmony with nature. The mysterious land of bloodthirsty Dracula looks amazingly romantic in February.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city is known to come alive in winter when snow falls over its beautiful peaks. It has some of the calmest lovely places in Europe you can visit, such as the Prague Castle and the medieval town of Pearl of Bohemia.

  1. London, England

London is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Filled with lovely and calm places, traditional festive food and dazzling lights, the elegant city is filled with picturesque architectures, palaces, and museums, making it all the very romantic and fun.

  1. Paris, France

Paris is known as the city of love and there is no denying it. It is one of the most famous romantic getaways and the Eiffel Tower is the spot where you can propose. But here are some things you do not know about the famous city. It was the home of Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet and playwright and Edith Wharton, an American novelist, short story writer, and designer.

This means it has everything your nerdy partner will enjoy. There is also a pride of house-museums devoted to Alexandre Dumas, Honoré de Balzac, as well as Victor Hugo, the writer of the 1831 novel, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Netherland is filled with canals and canals, giving it the perfect romantic vibe. The city is one of the most fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day in. Take your partner to Amsterdam this Valentine’s Day and propose to them along one of these gorgeous canals. There are other great options as well, such as a romantic cruise dinner before you finally pop the question, or on the Magere Bug Bridge, which is known for locking eternal love.

  1. Seville, Spain

The city of Seville is filled with places where you can relive your bond with your partner. Take them to the bridge of Triana and kiss them there, or walk hand-in-hand by the Torre del Oro. This beautiful Spanish city will make the perfect romantic getaway.

  1. Granada, Spain

Another great city of Spain, Granada is all about the Andalusian charm. The beautiful architecture is full of secrets. If you two are a pair of explorers, there are a number of traditional things begging to be discovered in the city, such as the tearooms on Elvira Street, the Arab baths and the breathtakingly beautiful Mirador de San Nicolás.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

The city of fascinations has recently become of the best and most romantic getaways. It is both cheap and fun-filled, which means you can do a lot of things there on a limited budget.

Moreover, Copenhagen is a mix of historical and contemporary designs, making it a European paradox. A mix of colourful modern-day attraction, as well as 19th-century architecture and gothic castles, is the perfect place to take your partner this year. Then there is the Danish cuisine which you and your partner can enjoy a romantic dinner for.
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