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10 Must do Activity While Traveling to Amsterdam

The sights of Amsterdam offer diverse experiences and memories to the visitors. Surprisingly, although small, there is much to do in this city. Perhaps because of this diverse range of tourist attractions in Amsterdam, the capital of Holland has become quite popular with tourists. In fact, recent forecasts indicate that by 2030 the capital of the Netherlands is expected to receive 30 million visitors. That’s a lot of people!

But the most important thing for you today that you are planning your trip to Amsterdam is to know before embarking which is the main sights of Amsterdam and also how some regrin has work to visit them. As we are talking about the main sights of Amsterdam, many times there are long queues of waiting both for the purchase of tickets and also for the entrance. So plan yourself well. We always emphasize this here on the website, because we know how important it is.

To help you with this planning, we have here a list of 10 of Amsterdam’s top sights. Are they:

1) The Amsterdam canals

Did you know that every year more than 3 million tourists take advantage of their visit to Amsterdam to enjoy a boat trip on the canals of the capital of Holland? Yes, there are more than 165 channels in the city and more than 1250 bridges that make Amsterdam a fascinating setting for anyone (not just tourists). Especially during the night, the illuminated bridges, the facades of the mansions and monuments further enhance this enthralling scene. The best way to know the canals of Amsterdam? Well, you can both know and explore each channel with a walk from one side to another, or embody completely in the “Dutch spirit” and explore them with a bicycle, pedaling and visiting the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam. However, you should already know, the cursers in the channels provide a unique view of a singular angle, and this is a fact. The best times for a cruise on the Amsterdam canals are: a night tour or a tour in the early hours of the morning.

2) Rijksmuseum

Who does not know the Rijksmuseum? Okay, maybe you do not know that up there is the Rijksmuseum, but you’ve probably seen it in a few dozen photos of Amsterdam on the internet. The famous museum is the most visited in the Netherlands and also the largest, it is as if it were the Louvre of Amsterdam. In its facilities, there are hundreds of paintings, including the famous Rembrandt Night Guard. It has been a subject here on our site, and certainly always presents in the travel itineraries to Amsterdam. The queues over there may be long but the Amsterdam Connection has a solution for that.

3) Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum, in addition to being one of our favorites of Amsterdam, is also home to approximately 200 paintings by the famous painter Vincent van Gogh. The most famous of his works are allotted there and a visit to this museum is something that simply cannot miss on your trip.

4) The Dam Square and the Royal Palace

The Dam Square is located right in the heart of the city, right in the very center. We venture to say that 90% of visitors passing through Amsterdam end up getting to know the square, even if they do not want to. There is also the Royal Palace which, although not the official residence of the King, is still one of the royal dwellings. Fortunately, the palace is open for visitors and offers a tour to know its medieval details and the beautiful paintings that are preserved in this beautiful monument.

5) The Anne Frank House

The famous and popular house of Anne Frank is no longer visited by tourists due to its daily limitation of visitors. This museum is so well known to all travelers that it does not require any introduction. But for those who want to visit the museum, it is worth reading our article and understanding exactly the new system of scheduling visits to the museum.

6) Begijnhof

A little place that anyone who does not research much about Amsterdam before a trip, ends up not knowing that there is a true refuge center of Amsterdam; In Spui square there is a little door that leads you to a very popular “escoderijo” among the visitors of the capital of Holland. Behind this door stands a spectacular and silent garden with houses that are dated from the 17th and 18th centuries. It really seems that this little place stopped in time, simply spectacular. Remember that the entradal there is free and you can find more information about this tourist attraction in Amsterdam here.

7) Red Light District

The famous Red Light district in Amsterdam is world famous, and perhaps the most popular among several (several even) tourists visiting the capital of Holland. The florescent fluorescent lights present in several windows in this region of the city are trademark of the place. As a tourist, worth a visit just to kill curiosity. Of course, do not expect to find the authentic Amsterdam of your dreams there in those square meters. The streets there are dirtier (due to the large influx of people) and the environment, although quite safe, has a specific viba.

8) Oude Kerk

A spectacular church, from the 14th century and located in the region of the Old Quarter of Light;this monumental church of Amsterdam stands out among the pastures there of the region. The church is home to 2,500 tombstones, the most famous being number 29, by Saskia Van Uylemburgh, the wife of the famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn.

9) Waag

Famous, imposing and monumental,this building, located right in the middle of Niuwemarkt square, is easy to spot. Originally built in the 15th century it was one of the gateways to Amsterdam. Later, as early as the 17th century, the building took over another function, now as a weighing house for various commodities marketed in Amsterdam. There is a lot of history and curiosities about this place and also the region where it is situated. So our tip is to enjoy a guided tour in the old center of the city to know every detail.

10) Heineken Experience

The Heineken building is an imposing and historic monument. Also, it is right in the center of Amsterdam. But the coolest of all is what’s inside such a monument nowadays. The old Heineken factory was transplanted into the Heineken Experience, a place promoted by the brand itself, to show in an interactive way what is behind the spectacular Dutch beer brand. Worth a visit if you want to know more about Heineken.

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