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10 astounding things that the airlines don’t allow to carry in handbag

Imposition of stricter security guidelines for commercial airline passengers often leaves the travelers wondering about luggage restrictions and sometimes can make the trip filled with turbulence before they even board the aircraft. We can’t ignore the importance of travelingwe must travel to refresh and renew our health and of course our soul. Knowing the tips of what you can and can’t carry in your handbag and packing smartly is the key rule to make your traveling smoother.

Here are the 10 surprising things that are banned on board.

  1. Cigarette Lighter – You can’t carry any object in your hand luggage that may cause harm to yourself as well as your co-passengers. You can carry no more than one lighter on board and you should put that inside a resealable plastic bag like you do for liquids. You should keep that bag on you throughout your journey.
  2. Flares – Any explosive materials like gun lighters, flare gun, gun powder, blasting caps, flares, plastic explosives, dynamite, and realistic replicas of explosives are strictly not allowed on board.
  3. Peroxide – From infected blood to fire extinguishers and tear gas – any toxic substances and chemicals are a complete NO on flight. And this includes peroxide. So if you’re planning to bleach your hair after you reach your destination – do it before you start.
  4. Badminton racquets – Even being a keen badminton player, you can’t keep the racquets in your hold. The airline authority takes a dim view of sporting equipments including badminton racquets.
  5. Toolbag items – Your check-in bag fees might eat into your income as you’re not allowed to carry on your essential toolbag items like spanners, wrenches, hammers, crowbars, cattle prods, hatchets, pliers, screwdrivers (except those in your eyeglass repair kits), drills, saws or drill bits on the board.
  6. Catapults and slingshots – Any object which can discharge a projectile or cause injury is banned to carry on board and thus slingshots and catapults are not allowed in your hand luggage.
  7. Soup – As you know, a rule is a rule. You may argue that a one-person chicken or mushroom soup can hardly cause any threat to the safety of the co-passengers but a liquid is a liquid. To be specific – 100 ml or more of liquid is not allowed on board. The same is applicable to clotted cream, mascara and last but not the least, water.
  8. Fishing rods – Even if fishing is your passion, you can’t carry a fishing rod while on an airplane though the item is allowed in hold baggage.
  9. Tent pegs – No, you can’t carry your tent pegs in your handbag even if you’re going for a camping or a music festival – they would get confiscated. Tent poles are somehow okay though.
  10. Medicine – Well, flying with liquid medicines is not allowed and that often makes it difficult for the passengers with health condition to travel by air. As with any liquid, carrying more than 100 ml liquid is not permitted. But there may be a chance if you inform the airport authority about your illness in advance.

This is just a comprehensive guideline on things you should and shouldn’t take on board, and make it uncomplicated by simply not carrying some items in your hand baggage. For more travel truths, you can contact the airport authority or visit the webpage of your chosen airline.

Author’s Bio- Sam  is a travel blogger. Her write-ups on how to make the most of a business class flight are immensely popular amongst travel buffs. She regularly participates in leading travel forums.


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